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Air cylinders suppliers in Dubai , also known as pneumatic cylinders, are mechanical devices used to produce linear motion using compressed air. They are commonly used in industrial and manufacturing applications, such as in machinery, assembly lines, and robotics, to perform tasks such as pushing, pulling, lifting, and holding objects. Air cylinders suppliers in Dubai are available in various types and configurations, including single-acting and double-acting cylinders. Single-acting cylinders use air pressure to move the piston in one direction, while a spring or other mechanism returns it to its original position. Double-acting cylinders, on the other hand, use air pressure to move the piston in both directions, with air entering the cylinder through two separate ports to extend and retract the piston. Air cylinders suppliers in Dubai also come in different sizes, stroke lengths, and materials, allowing them to be customized for specific applications. For example, smaller cylinders may be used in delicate or precise applications, while larger cylinders may be used for heavy-duty tasks.

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