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Grid Coupling

A grid coupling relies on a high tensile strength, thin alloy-steel element that weaves between slotted or toothed hubs in the coupling assembly. The metal element allows for some angular misalignment to exist between shafts, but usually no more than 1/2°. The coupling is not very adept at dealing with parallel misalignment (often less than 0.01 in.) but it has high power density when compared with jaw, gear, and disc couplings, making it suitable for medium- and heavy-duty drive applications.The tapered grid is lubricated and normally surrounded by a two-piece gasketed cover that holds the grease in place. Lubricant levels must be checked periodically and topped up as needed, requiring shutting down the train. The cover may be split horizontally or vertically and this is often used as a differentiating term between coupling types.


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